About Me:​​ I am Prasad Erande, 30 year old man from Pune, Maharashtra, India. 29th October 2013 was the day when I started cycling and it was indeed one of the best days of my life. Took up the challenge, rode the bicycle for 14576 kms and won the title. - GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORD Title"LONGEST JOURNEY BY BICYCLE IN A SINGLE COUNTRY"

Height (inch/cm): 5’7"

Weight (in pound): 132 Pounds

City/State: Pune, MH.

When did you start exercising?
I have started lifting 2 years ago

What time do you workout?
I mostly workout in the morning time 7:00am - 9:00am.

Which is your favorite muscle?
Biceps is my favorite muscle.

Your favorite healthy meal and favorite cheat meal?
I love Chichken. 
Cheat meal: Chichen burger.

What supplement do you use?
I never used supplement yet but after attending the GMFA Classes i understand the importance of Supplement and now i am looking forward to buy supplements.

Which is your favorite bodybuilder or fitness model or bikini model?
Actually i never follow anyone of this category but love all the guys with great physique.

Why GM Nutrition:  The simple answer is i want to serve my country healthy lifestyle.  My Mission Target, Dream, Emotions, Feelings are same like Guru Mann and that is the reason I choose GM Nutrition