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About Me:​​ Fun loving California girl, I love to play soccer. I am pretty Active
workout on regular basis.

Height (inch/cm): 5’2"

Weight (in pound): 120 Pounds

City/State: San Ramon, California.

When did you start exercising?
I have started lifting at the ago of 20

What time do you workout?
I mostly workout at the evening time around 8pm.

Which is your favorite muscle?
I think being a girl I love hitting Legs most often because its my favorite muscle.

Your favorite healthy meal and favorite cheat meal?
I love eating Salmon, Broccoli and Pasta. 
Cheat meal: Cheeseburger, Fries and Vanilla Milkshake.

What supplement do you use?
I use Multivitamins and Fish oil.

Which is your favorite bodybuilder or fitness model or bikini model?
My favorite bikini competitor is Courtney Prather.