About Me:​​ I like to compete in men's physique.My aim is to compete in Mr.India men's physique competition.I like to train others to maintain their personality and to exceed in their daily aspect of life.

Height (inch/cm): 5’11"

Weight (in pound): 161 Pounds

City/State: Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

When did you start exercising?
I have started lifting 5 years ago

What time do you workout?
I mostly workout in the morning time around 9am.

Which is your favorite muscle?
Back is my favorite muscle.

Your favorite healthy meal and favorite cheat meal?
I love eating Protein Pancakes. 
Cheat meal: Chicken Burger.

What supplement do you use?
I use Whey, Glutamine & Pre-workout supplement.

Which is your favorite bodybuilder or fitness model or bikini model?
My favorite fitness models are Sergi and Ulysses